Monday, February 21, 2011

Please Donate to the Limpopo Writing Project

Please Donate to the Limpopo Writing Project in South Africa

The purpose of the Limpopo Writing Project is to have teachers at all levels focus on the teaching of writing in their classrooms and after the Invitational Institute, to have these teachers share their knowledge with other teachers. Please consider making a donation to the Limpopo Writing Project. 100% of funds are tax deductible and go directly to the project.

Teachers Teaching Teachers
The San Antonio Writing project (SAWP) is raising money to help the teachers in Limpopo, South Africa start their own writing project. Funding is needed to subsidize 12 teachers at the University of Limpopo for the Invitational Institute in June 2011. These teachers will be coming from all over Limpopo province and will need room and board, as well as computers and supplies.

We need your help:

$50 would allow one student to pay school registration fees, receive a school uniform and provide lunch for the entire school year.

Please support The Limpopo Writing Project.

Send your donations to:
The Limpopo Writing Project
207 Northcrest Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78213

If you have other contributions or questions, please contact us at

Thanks for helping this dream come true.

Limpopo Writing Project
African Proverb
“ Until the lions get their own
historian the tale of the hunt
will always glorify the hunter”

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