Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Spending the month with Thandiwe Dlodlo has been a wonderful experience. Thandiwe is gracious and loving and puts everyone at ease whether it is my Ninety-three year old father or my four and one-half year old nephews. She comes from South Africa, and shares information about her country that always leaves us wanting to hear more. Dr. Ndimande greeted her at the airport with us when she first arrived, the day before the institute started. They started talking and realized that they had gone to the same University, though in different years. We asked her if she ever imagined that she would travel such a long distance only to find a person from her own country and we marveled at how small the world has become. The SAWP 2015 Invitational Summer Institute has been a time of exploring social justice issues through writing, among other things. We’ve explored injustice from multiple perspectives. We’ve looked at the impact that social justice issues have on education, our teaching and on our classrooms. And we’ve also examined these issues through a global lens. Thandiwe’s gentle voice has reminded us of the similarities and differences we face in our lives as teachers. The participants have all brought their own unique perspectives and contributed to our shared understandings. As the SAWP 2015 Summer Institute comes to a close, we leave enriched, inspired and ready to continue making a difference in our students’ lives.

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