Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Limpopo Writing Project Day 10

Many of us expressed the desire to slow down time so that we can enjoy our last days together. We want to savor every moment, because we know that our time is limited. Teko filmed our sharing time, so we once again felt like celebrities as we read our journals and shared our comments. Teko worked on the opening part of the video he is making about the Limpopo Writing Project and shared it with us. Among the many interesting things that he put into it, he wrote, “They write, they share, they dance,” which is all true.

Later, Teko interviewed some of us about The Limpopo Writing Project for the film. Teko’s friend, Akani Mabasa, an education student at The University of Pretoria talked with us in the morning. When I asked him if he knew of Dr. Hanlie Dippenaaur, he said that she was his lecturer. What a small world! His professor attended our SAWP summer institute 2011 and just arrived back in South Africa yesterday!

Today we focused on editing our final pieces for the anthology, and they were handed in. Our cover is the wordle we made together about the Limpopo Writing Project. We also had two demonstrations, one by Thelma and one by Masilo. We waited for SAWP to Skype us this afternoon, but they were so busy they forgot about us. Finally, they called and they were able to tell us which teachers were matched together from both countries. We are hoping that through these matches, our students from both sides of the ocean will be able to contact and learn from each other.

I’ll end with a journal selection from today. Mokgadi wrote a piece about aging that is included here:

Aging by Mokadi

Here I am,
At the age of fifty.
Still on the journey of my life,
Having so many memories in mind,
Good and bad

From a young joyous girl with nourished skin,
Here I am in fear of wrinkles on my face.
The signs are there.
The nourished skin is gradually, gradually fading away.
Will I admire myself in front of the mirror any longer?

Gone are those days when I was called “Sylvia”.
Oh! My days!
Here I am now,
Now called “Mrs so and so”
The title going with its respect, responsibilities and dignities.
I am now called “Gogo-granny”.
What a title! Coupled with Aging.

Health status,
Deteriorating as days go by.
Characterised with Aging,
suffering from diseases with labels.
Most parts of the body getting dilapidated

Starting with my eyes,
Refusing to read without spectacles on.
My legs refusing to carry my body
With my high heels on.
My joints strengthened by supplements.
Here I am with my confused
Ovulation cycle forgetting its normal route


Nora Gonzalez said...

What a beautiful poem you have written. I found it so easy to connect to those words and your feelings because I am fifty as well! It does seem as if just yesterday I was someone else much younger, but my body like yours does not let me forget my age! Keep writing so that I can keep reading! You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you so much for sharing.
Nora Gonzalez


I need glasses now and your poem somehow reminded me about how I made fun of my dear mother who would distance the texts while trying to read and then look under her glasses while reprimanding us!
I have a question for you - how about your heart? Is it aging as well?
Beautiful poem and like Nora said, keep writing and sharing with us.