Thursday, July 21, 2011

LWP-The Flight Home

I’m back home and I’ve been thinking about all the teachers at the Limpopo Writing Project. We had such an amazing time. I’ve been excited to hear from Esther, Mosima, Seipati, Ntevheleni Justice and also Florinah and Akani. Facebook and my blog have been wonderful vehicles for keeping in touch. The Rural Teachers Conference went beautifully, especially the demonstrations that our LWP teachers shared. When the conference was over, we had a difficult time saying goodbye. We kept running back and forth from our cars for one more hug.

That night at dinner with our visitors from Pretoria , we ate at a restaurant that was having a private event for a TV station. There were TV stars dancing and we were invited to join the party. It was exciting to see Ngokoana and Nakedi and Leketi taking pictures with the celebrities and dancing with them. It was a fitting ending to our last night in Polokowane.

While I was in Pretoria I had time with Cheryl Logan and Cathy Ikeda who are working to create a National Writing Project in South Africa. We debriefed at the US Embassy and worked on future plans for our South African sites. I also got to visit with my cousins, Ruth and Mark Dreyer and it was wonderful to spend time with them.
The flight home was long but it helped that Cathy was on the same flight with me to Atlanta. Our flight was delayed 8 hours before our 17 hour flight, so there was a lot of waiting around. Right before the flight was finally ready to take off, we had to go through a second round of security and then at the Atlanta airport we had to go through security again. I don’t think I ever felt so inspected. I came home tired but happy, and look forward to the next chapter of the Limpopo Writing Project.

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